Veteran Author Falls to Her Knees

I just finished taking Blogging 101 from WordPress.com and my life will never be quite the same. The short and simple:  I found my voice– for better or worse– in the soggy, oversaturated world of blogging. No challenge there!

Normally, I’m an author of thrillers set along the U.S.-Mexico border, and my protagonist, Penny Larkin, uses a technique called Controlled Remote Viewing to solve crimes. Here’s a secret authors don’t want you to know: Fiction writers essentially write about themselves and their personal experiences, even while covering them up with a story line, made-up characters and page-turning prose.  I have discovered that through all of this subterfuge, I have an inner voice shouting at me to “Please, get out of the way, so I can talk.”

Most of my thoughts in OverHeadLights will be a guidebook of sorts on how you can find your way through the hills and valleys, and sometimes the sewers, of every day living. Think of my writing as similar to Parker Palmer, but please, understand I am not writing at his level of wisdom, even though I aspire to do so.

So I would ask you to join me, as I begin this journey…a journey dedicated to helping my old friends and new discover the life they were meant to be living. Age is not a factor in this discovery, so don’t give me that as an excuse. Check in at least once a week for a story to inspire your day or to get you over a bad funk.  Remember, “Sorrow may tarry for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

P.S. When you use OverHeadLights–there will be no shadows, only brightness and clarity.  Of this, I promise.



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