Four Things Grief Teaches You

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and I finally realized it was grief rubbing my heart raw. When friends suffer, it can take a toll on your own life. In a period of a month, three of my friends experienced loss.  One good friend was struck by a car, and is still finding her way back to wholeness in a rehab center.  Another lost her sister, and the third, her father.  All were sudden and unexpected calamities.

I love each of these women and found myself walking around in various stages of sadness and hopelessness. I was hovering over life like an intruder.

This morning I got in the shower, and I felt God saying to me, “Becky, today is the day you walk away from your grief.”

Here are four things I’ve learned this past month about grief.

1. Grief comes to us unexpectedly, and so we are not prepared to handle it well. That’s okay. We need to process it the best we can. We are not superhuman.

2. The presence of grief means we have people in our lives that matter to us. If we have no one to love, we have no grief.

3. God is in the restoration business. He works to bring us healing. We must be willing to step with Him over the line from grief to gratefulness. The choice is ours.

4. Joy is on its way. We must remember this and never give up hope for tomorrow. God gives us sunsets, but He also gives us sunrises.

A Grief Observed

A Grief Observed


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