He Who Has Not Sinned, Cast the First Football


“Hey Tom Brady:

You’re the play caller. Make a wise audible.

You’re the quarterback. Run the right play.

You’re the leader. Lead.”  John Pavlovitz

Every one has an opinion about Tom Brady. They had it before Deflate-Gate.  But blogger and minister John Pavlovitz has said to Tom what we all want to say. As John puts it, “Tom, you’re the play caller. Make the wise audible.”

For some it may appear to be a big ta-do about nothing, but football is a sport of rules, and  the amount of air in the ball is one of those rules.  If air isn’t a big deal, then petition to have the rule changed. Please don’t force trainers or equipment personnel to do your bidding. It reeks of harassment.

Jesus once told us, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”  This is indeed a true perspective on the human condition. Then, it was about the stone. Today, on the field of life, it is all about the football.

There are big lessons to be learned for all of us here. He who has not sinned, cast the first football.

Check out John Pavlovitz here:



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