Are You Living Like a Junkyard Dog?

junkyard dog

The junkyard dog hides in the shadows, waiting for someone to cross into his territory. He pants for the opportunity to attack. His growl is formidable, and it is usually enough to frighten off intruders. But not always. Anyone lucky enough to survive a battle with a junkyard dog, will come away scarred, and/or with a badly bruised ego.

Today’s social media stratosphere hosts a lot of junkyards–repositories of social and political agendas, bursting with Internet chatter in which individuals post responses, often under false names. These remarks against those with whom they disagree, are often as hurtful as the bite of a rabid dog. We must be cautious when entering the junkyard, less we concede our own integrity and our own concept of fairness.

Our blog-o-sphere may appear to be a safe place in which to express ourselves, but in reality it can become a destructive environment where learning and growing are stifled.  Be watchful and careful with whom you associate. We are known by the company we keep, and this includes in our virtual habitat.

Are you Living Like a Junkyard dog?

1. Do you read only blogs and websites that agree with your world view?

2. Do you peruse like-minded websites and blogs where you can get your own views reinforced?

3. Do you make fun of others who think differently than you?

4. Did you establish a blog to press a social or political agenda?

5. Do all of your followers agree with everything you write?


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