Point of View

We’ve Lost It! Please Help Us Find It. Meow!


My Yahoo News Feed Smells as Bad as Month-Old Kitty Litter. This morning’s online news had such headlines as:

  •   6 Things to Know About Christine Ouzounian, the Nanny at the Center of the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner Divorce
  •  Click Here for Pictures of Bobbi Kristina Brown in Hospice
  •  Tom Brady’s Reaction to Being Told He has to Buy an $8,500 Pool Cover is Priceless
  •  Lenny Kravitz Breaks Silence After # PenisGate

I won’t go on, but who are we these days, that we tolerate such information appearing on our social media and email servers? We have become consumers of trash talk rather than truth. I’m no different. I  mostly ignore the stuff, but what brought it to the forefront was my experience at the Planet Fitness.

For several years I have been using the eliptical machine in front of a television screen airing HGTV.  I admit it. I am hooked on House Hunters, the Property Brothers, and my favorite, Fixer Upper. I arrived at the gym this week to discover that the TV had been changed to E, the online channel dedicated to celebrity news. This was in addition to Entertainment Tonight, which was airing a few TVs down. When I asked to have it changed back to HGTV, the gym declined.

I ventured over to www.eonline.com to take a gander at their news content and to learn why it is so in demand. Here is just a bit of it:

  • Here’s What the World Thinks of Meek Mill’s Wedgie Threat
  • Ben Affleck Not Worried Former Nanny is Pregnant
  • Katy Perry Now Follows “Slutty Taylor Swift” on Instagram

Is our obsession with nothingness a reflection of the hopelessness of our own lives? Can’t we do better than this?  There is the familiar saying, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  Before we know it, we will look around and find ourselves taking  up permanent resident with the cat.


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