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Excuse Me, Count Dracula, May I Borrow Your Steak Knife?

Why do we love watching scary movies? The death of golden cinema icon Christopher Lee has me contemplating that question, and wondering if one of the world’s greatest on-screen villains knew the secret of why we watch and kept it to himself, on purpose. After all, with the secret revealed, perhaps in our hyper-sensitive commitment to … Continue reading


He Who Has Not Sinned, Cast the First Football

“Hey Tom Brady: You’re the play caller. Make a wise audible. You’re the quarterback. Run the right play. You’re the leader. Lead.”  John Pavlovitz Every one has an opinion about Tom Brady. They had it before Deflate-Gate.  But blogger and minister John Pavlovitz has said to Tom what we all want to say. As John puts it, “Tom, you’re … Continue reading


Single African American Mom Dreamed of Transforming Inner City L.A.

In 2007, I met a woman, whom I’ll call Francine, who called me on behalf of a Los Angeles company which wanted to establish performing arts centers in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. The dream was to engage disenfranchised minority youth in the world of the arts in many different forms, so that they might find a refuge after school, … Continue reading